Our Work

Our programs are in service of people around the world.

From Uganda to Afghanistan, our work begins with connecting with communities, identifying critical services, and delivering on our promise of small efforts for drastic change.

The Services we Provide

Financial Independence

Poverty places expensive reliance on burdensome financial systems. We provide monetary means for communities and individuals to achieve financial independence through sustaining their agricultural, artisanal, and entrepreneurial activities.

Female Empowerment

Women play a central role in leading communities, supporting local economies, and building better livelihoods for all. We find ways to back women in their efforts, aspirations, and goals. We also provide skills and tools to ensure all individuals have the means to earn a living.

Food Security

Food insecurity sustains cycles of poverty and remains a growing issue across the world. We work with communities to identify inhibitors to food security, and directly target gaps to break harmful cycles of malnutrition and food inaccess.

Medical Support

Our programs fill gaps in urgent, preventative, and holistic medical care by funding medical personnel and providing medical supplies.

Education Support

We develop efforts to expand access to primary education and provide conduits for individuals to peruse their professional and career aspirations.

Clean Water

The lack of access to clean water is an alarming reality for countless communities across the world. We establish clear water wells and provide water testing as an essential step for the well-being of individuals in the communities we serve.

Current Projects

Addressing poverty is not about applying cookie-cutter solutions–Our projects center on individual needs and specific gaps by working closely with community leaders and members.


Housing & Placemaking


The ownership of a home, and proximity to resourced communities is a vital to prosperity. With rising houselessness across the globe due to conflict and climate change addressing inaccess to long-term residential communities can alleviate cycles of poverty. TFFNC’s housing & placemaking projects aims to expand equitable access to housing, cultivates diverse communities and provides means of employment. 

 In Northern Afghanistan, TFFNC works with local builders and tradespersons to build villages comprised of single-family homes and public infrastructure. Our focus is not only to provide shelter for displaced families and communities but seeks to build a ‘sense of place’ through neighborhood design and collective programming. This effort cultivates diverse communities and the TFFNC also provides tools to ensure a family can sustain their livelihoods as part of a community—such as sewing enterprises (sewing machines + materials). 

With your support we can ensure that this effort reaches more regions where displaced persons seek meaningful livelihoods through shelter, community, and economic security.

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Clean Water


The lack of access to clean water is an alarming reality for countless communities across the
world. We establish clean-water wells and provide water testing as an essential step for the well-
being of individuals in the communities we serve.


Mobile Medical Clinic


Access to medical support in rural areas remains a tremendous challenge across the world.  TFFNC invested in financing mobile clinics that provide access to medical professionals, emergency care, eye checkup, and vaccinations to rural communities in Afghanistan.

We know that mobile clinics are one important component in building better systems of care for communities in remote areas, as well as those in denser sub/urban communities. We need your support to continue developing our mobile clinics, employing passionate healthcare professionals, and expanding the forms of medical support we provide.